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Another Idea For Your Final Assignment

And proof that blogging isn’t always a waste of time.

Last Friday, Martha Payne was banned from writing her blog.

It was about school lunches.

She’s nine.

Good news: nobody thinks a nine year-old should be banned from writing her blog.


Blockquotes? But Why?

Because they look good. Check this out:

The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that you never know if they are genuine. —Abraham Lincoln

It’s very clear that these are not my words.

Or Lincoln’s, incidentally.

The Final Assignment

Enjoy, everyone:


Logical Fallacies No2

comfreybogart1 (you know him as Arrin) found this great, clear video about some common logical fallacies.

You can spot and tear these fallacies apart in the work of others, or even use them yourself, in your second assignment.

My favourite is the Ernie and Bert one.

What? A Second Assignment?

Yes, it’s your first Creative Task for this unit!

Here it is:


First things first

Let's pretend this is your teacher.

I’ll set up a list of everyone’s blogs. Then I’ll re-blog everyone’s assessable posts.

If you do a post just for the sheer fun of it, I won’t re-blog it. Unless it’s good, of course.

Occasionally, I’ll put up something useful for you to re-blog. Like a pdf of each assignment, so that if you lose your printed copy, you can get a fresh one on this site.

In fact, that will be the very next post.

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