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One For the Gamers

If you haven’t been following the debate over R18+ games in Australia, well I’m sorry: you’re just not a TRUE GAMER.

See what I did there? Use your outrage for good! Blog about it!

Here’s ABC’s PM (an excellent radio programme) on the passage of an R18+ classification through Australia’s parliament.



Another Idea For Your Final Assignment

And proof that blogging isn’t always a waste of time.

Last Friday, Martha Payne was banned from writing her blog.

It was about school lunches.

She’s nine.

Good news: nobody thinks a nine year-old should be banned from writing her blog.

Some facebook controversies. Be provoked, bloggers.

First up, horrendous trolling in the UK.

Second, swimmers banning themselves from social media.

Third, facebook gone in 5-8 years?



The Final Assignment

Enjoy, everyone:


What? A Second Assignment?

Yes, it’s your first Creative Task for this unit!

Here it is:


Where Is The First Written Task?

It is here:


All the other assessment tasks for this unit will be placed on this blog too.

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