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senor cheesenig

Mayor McCheese is the most sexy cheese burger I know, born in McDonaldland Mc Cheese was a fantasy character for McDonalds.

Used as a marketing technique, but little kids wished there favorite non existent cheese burger to life, In 1972 this man sized cheeseburger was brought to life via imagination and the innocence of children. Mayor McCheese soon came to power via the eating of kids and puppies, if Mc Cheese couldn’t find either one of these things he would have to feed on the most cutest things around him, normally when this happened he would eat teenage couples in love, for the lols.

McDonalds used Mayor McCheese to there advantage by running Mayor McCheese for president of Canada, because like…. it’s Canada ya’ll.

After two long years of baby eating, and political campaigns Mayor McCheese was voted into the Parliament of Canada as president of a prestigious and…

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