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Nestled in far north Victoria is a small historical town known as Beechworth. Population: 2645 people. Beechworth is famous for their honey, their relation to Ned Kelly and their to die for bakery, but there are also many dark secrets the small town of Beechworth possesses.Image

Overshadowing Beechworth is a small hill, clearly seen from whatever street you stand in. The Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum was built on this hill in 1867 and homed the ‘insane’ for over 125 years. During this time there have been an estimated 9,000 deaths, most common cause of death… murder.

Surrounding the asylum is what appears to be a small stone wall but on the inside side of this wall is a large trench, designed to keep the patients from escaping. These walls are called HA-HA walls and where designed to give the public the impression that there was no imprisonment, as if to…

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