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This story revolves around three backpackers, who find themselves held captive by a serial killer in the Australian outback. Set in Australia in 1999, two British tourists Liz Hunter (Cassandra Magrath) and Kristy Earl (Kestie Morassi) backpack across the country with Australian, Ben Mitchell (Nathan Phillips). While in Broome, Western Australia, they are always getting ‘drunk and wild’. Ben buys a car wghich they use to travel from Broome to Carnes, Queensland via the Great Northern Highway. They stop at halls creek for the night, the trio then make another trip the next day to Wolf Creek National Park, and explore the crater. Hours later, the group returns to the car to discover all of their watches are broken and their car won’t start, and so they prepare themselves to stay the night in the car. Mick Taylor (John Jarratt)…

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