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  1. With his tradmark Colt PythonAs all walking dead fans know the season two ending revealed a lot of things, (some things the fans already know or guessed) Firstly at the end of the last episode “Beside the Dying Fire” Rick reveals to the group that he killed Shane, which most of the group seemed horrified, although it was a case of “get him before he gets me”. Rick also looks to of snapped in some way and wants to be the only decision maker of the group saying quote “If you’re staying, this isn’t a democracy anymore”. Another secret that is finally revealed that the virus that reanimates dead bodies into mindless “walkers” is in everyone, this basically means that anyone that dies doesn’t have to be bitten by a walker or scratched to come back. The secret seems to make most of the group angry that Rick didn’t tell anyone that Dr Edward…

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