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YouTube is a great place to watch people fail in so many different and entertaining ways!!! 😀


Trampoline fails:

Trampoline fails are always hilarious because there’s so many ways to hurt your self with one bouncy mat attached to springs its never going to end well. 🙂

Trampoline fails!!!


Prank fails:

When people try to prank other people and fail and it hits them back in the face, sometimes quite literally!


Rage fails:

People getting so angry and having an extremely entertaining hissy fit in front of everyone that sometimes backfires!!!!


Fat people fails:

Ok lets face it what’s not funny about fat people failing i mean the bigger they are the harder they fall!!!… or fail in this case. 🙂


Shooting fails:

People in possession of dangerous weapons and failing to read the safety instructions? :/ slightly concerning that these people can get anywhere near these…

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