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Facebook tragedy

There are many reasons why I don’t like Facebook. Just to name a few, they include the constant arguments due to miss communication. Also the identity stealing, it not that hard to be yourself. Other problems are when you upload a picture you don’t want the whole world to see. If it goes on  Facebook everyone can see it. Also sometimes people take things way to far Facebook tragedy  this is a good example.

A relationship over Facebook is not recommended because relationships are between two people not the world. It would cause alot of problems in a relationship if you have other people commenting on your life, and your decisions that a couple should be making together, definately not over Facebook. Never break up through Facebook because if you do you are a coward.!

Another issue with Facebook is that nothing is really private on there. People will put on information that they possibly should keep to themselves. This can start arguments or cause problems for them. Bullying is a huge world wide issue…

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